Top 10 Anime Similar to Viral Hit

Hello guys, welcome back to’s Anime Manga World website. In this post, I will present you with the Top 10 anime similar to Viral Hit, also known as Kenka Dokugaku, Ssaumdoghag.

Top 10 Anime Similar to Viral Hit

Short Introduction to Viral Hit

Bullied by his classmate and well-known Newtube streamer Pakgo, Yoo Hobin endured humiliation and mistreatment during his high school years. His challenges continue outside of school, where he works tirelessly at a part-time job to cover his mother’s medical bills. One day, Hobin accidentally spills ramen on Pakgo’s cameraman, Woo “Jiksae” Jihyeok. In a moment of frustration, Hobin fights back and ends up in a humiliating brawl with Jiksae.

The next day, it was revealed that the camera from Jiksae’s stream had been recording the entire fight, and the footage was unintentionally uploaded to Newtube, becoming an overnight viral sensation. Hobin unexpectedly receives a significant amount of money from the viewership. Intrigued by the financial potential of Newtube streaming, Hobin collaborates with Jiksae to create more videos that feature Hobin engaging in fights and overcoming seemingly unbeatable adversaries, including Pakgo. Ultimately, Hobin aims to ascend to the top of the streaming world or find a formidable adversary he cannot outsmart.

Episodes: TV (2+ eps)

Rank: #4735

Tags: Action, Comedy, Hand to Hand Combat, Social Media

10. Kyou kara Ore wa!!

 Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Settling into a new neighborhood often involves adapting to mesh with the new community or, on the other hand, exerting your unique individuality and shaping the neighborhood to fit you! With unwavering resolve and a bold new blonde perm, Takashi embodies the latter approach, determined to establish himself as the leader of high school delinquents. However, a new arrival at his school possessing a rebellious and audacious hairstyle presents a formidable challenge. Amidst clashing with intimidating third-year troublemakers and an outsider challenger, will Takashi succeed in achieving his aspirations of asserting dominance in the classroom?

Release Year: 1992 – 1997

Episodes: OVA (10 eps)

Tags: Comedy, Shounen, Delinquents, Hand to Hand Combat, School Life, Bullying, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Based on a Manga

9. Lookism


After awakening in a different body, Daniel is transformed into a handsome and confident version of himself. Embracing his new appearance, he sets out to accomplish all the things he couldn’t achieve before. However, as he adapts to his new life, he is faced with the dilemma of how far he is willing to go to maintain his changed identity, as well as the secrets that come with it.

Release Year: 2022

Episodes: Web (8 eps)

Tags: Drama, Korean Animation, School Life, Transfer Students, Bullying, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Violence, Based on a Webtoon

8. nowisee


Nowisee is a multifaceted project that integrates video and storytelling with a primary emphasis on music. Its central theme encourages today’s youth to contemplate and question the fundamental purpose of life.

Release Year: 2015 – 2017

Episodes: Music Video (24 eps)

Tags: Episodic, Loneliness, Melancholy, Social Media, Bullying, Mature Themes, Suicide

7. NILFRUITS: Arandano

 NILFRUITS: Arandano

The official music video for the Vocaloid song Arandano was produced by the producer NILFRUITS.

Release Year: 2021

Episodes: Music Video (1 ep)

Tags: Orphans, Vocaloid, Bullying, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Violence

6. Your Letter PV

 Your Letter PV

A promotional video for the webtoon Your Letter.

Release Year: 2021

Episodes: Web (1 ep)

Tags: Korean Animation, Promotional, Bullying, Based on a Webtoon

5. Let’s Play

Sam aspires to be a game developer, but her dreams hit a snag when a well-known gaming personality gives her first game a negative review in a video. To her surprise, she discovers that this same person is her new neighbor. The story revolves around gaming, memes, and social anxiety challenges. There’s more to this tale than just the plot – a lovable doggo adds an extra touch of charm.

Release Year:

Episodes: Other

Tags: Drama, America, Neighbors, Social Media, Video Game Industry, Based on a Webtoon

4. Be-Bop High School

 Be-Bop High School

Every day, Hiroshi and Toru, the seemingly invincible and content punk lads, focus on gaining attention from girls and defeating rival lads from different schools. When confronted, they readily engage in physical confrontations to resolve conflicts, regardless of the consequences.

Release Year: 1990 – 1998

Episodes: OVA (7 eps)

Tags: Comedy, Seinen, Delinquents, Hand to Hand Combat, School Life, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Violence, Based on a Manga

3. Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Inbound

 Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Inbound

A year has elapsed since the Tachikawa Incident of 2015, occurring in Tachikawa, Tokyo, that bestowed remarkable abilities upon regular individuals. While Japanese Prime Minister Sugayama Seitarou supports this development, not everyone is convinced it is a beneficial advancement.

Release Year: 2015

Episodes: TV Special (1 ep)

Tags: Action, Aliens, Social Media

2. Kengan Ashura: Part II

 Kengan Ashura: Part II

The intense Annihilation Tournament continues, as corporate leaders vie for the coveted Kengan chairmanship, while their gladiators fiercely battle each other in the ring, leaving a trail of blood and brutality.

Release Year: 2019

Episodes: Web (12 eps)

Tags: Action, Drama, Hand to Hand Combat, Martial Arts, Tournaments, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Based on a Manga, CG Animation

1. Ijime


The anime deals with Sera, a girl who is treated like a queen in a school that is her “castle.”

Release Year: 2012

Episodes: OVA (1 ep)

Tags: Drama, Shoujo, School Life, Shorts, Bullying, Emotional Abuse, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Based on a Manga


Others are also similar, but these top 10 are the most Similar to Viral Hit, also known as Kenka Dokugaku, Ssaumdoghag.

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