Top 10 Anime Similar to Unnamed Memory

Hello guys, welcome back to’s Anime Manga World website. In this post, I will present you with the Top 10 Anime Similar to Unnamed Memory, also known as Unknown Title.

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Short Introduction to Unnamed Memory

Centuries-old mages known as witches hold extraordinary power capable of causing chaos. Oscar, the crown prince of the mighty kingdom of Farsas, was hexed in his youth, never to have a descendant. In a bid to break the curse, he sets out to find Tinasha, the most powerful witch in the land. Climbing her tower, rumored to grant the desires of those who reach its summit, he reaches the top only to surprise everyone by asking Tinasha to marry him!

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Release Year: 2024 – ?

Episodes: TV (3+ eps)

Rank: Rank #3,556

Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Curse, Magic, Royalty, Witches, Based on a Light Novel, Violence

Here are the Top 10 Anime Similar to Unnamed Memory

10. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

 Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Caught in a century-long conflict, a young soldier named Iska is tasked with eliminating the Ice Calamity Witch, Aliceliese. When they first meet on the battlefield, doubts about their missions emerge, forcing them to reevaluate their loyalties. Despite their nations’ opposing interests, forging a connection might lead them down a path of betrayal. As former foes, their hearts are torn between enmity and unexpected affection, blurring the lines between love and war.

Release Year: 2020

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Tags: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Magic, Star-Crossed Lovers, War, Violence, Based on a Light Novel

9. Howl’s Moving Castle


Sophie, who is known for her responsible nature, lived a fairly ordinary life while working at the hat shop, feeling secure within its walls. However, whispers abound about the sinister wizard Howl and his moving black castle that roam the land beyond. Through a fateful and enchanting meeting, Sophie is cursed by a witch’s spell, causing her to age into an old woman. Determined to break the curse, she ventures into the unknown to locate Howl’s castle. Along the way, she discovers a magical realm teeming with talking flames, animated scarecrows, and mystical powers that beckon those on a quest to find the enigmatic Howl…

Release Year: 2004

Episodes: Movie (1 ep)

Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Curse, Family Friendly, Lifestyle Change, Magic, Witches, Based on a Novel

8. Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene

 Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene

Yoyo and Nene, two witches residing in the Enchanted Realm, are known for their expertise in casting and removing curses. Currently, they are in discussions with a woman searching for her long-lost sister, a witch who vanished years ago. Suddenly, a massive tree materializes in front of Yoyo and Nene’s residence, concealing mysterious structures within its branches. Intrigued, Yoyo ventures into these unfamiliar edifices. In an unexpected turn of events, she finds herself transported to present-day Japan. As she navigates this new environment, Yoyo strikes a deal with a family to break a curse afflicting their recently enchanted parents.

Release Year: 2013

Episodes: Movie (1 ep)

Tags: Fantasy, Curse, Magic, Person in a Strange World, Urban Fantasy, Witches, Based on a Manga

7. Swan Lake

 Swan Lake

During one of his hunting expeditions, Prince Siegfried encounters a flock of swans peacefully resting by the lake. A particular swan wearing a crown catches his eye as it gazes back at him with a human-like intensity. Intrigued, Siegfried trails the swan to a set of ancient ruins, where it undergoes a magical transformation into a stunning lady known as Princess Odette. Unveiling the tragic tale, Odette reveals that she is cursed by the malevolent wizard Rothbart to take on the form of a swan each day, only returning to her human appearance under the moon’s luminous gaze. The spell can solely be broken by true, unconditional love from a man, a challenge that Siegfried is determined to embrace despite the obstacles that lie ahead.

Release Year: 1981

Episodes: Movie (1 ep)

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Animal Transformation, Curse, Family Friendly, Royalty

6. Majokko Tickle

 Majokko Tickle

For Tiko’s 11th birthday, her father surprises her with a unique book containing a trapped witch named Majokko Tickle. After Tiko releases Tickle from the book, the witch disguises herself as Tiko’s twin sister using her magical abilities.

Release Year: 1978 – 1979

Episodes: TV (45 eps)

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Witches

5. The Story of Saiunkoku

 The Story of Saiunkoku

In the mythical realm of Saiunkoku, the inhabitants are emerging from a turbulent era of conflict and scarcity. When a court official presents the destitute yet captivating Shuurei with an offer of wealth beyond her wildest imagination in exchange for a favor, she seizes the opportunity. Unexpectedly, she is tasked with becoming a consort to the withdrawn Emperor, guiding him towards becoming a more capable ruler. Despite the Emperor’s seeming lack of intellect, disinterest in governance, and rumored preference for men, Shuurei faces a daunting challenge ahead of her.

Release Year: 2006 – 2007

Episodes: TV (39 eps)

Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo, Political, Royalty, Social Gap, Violence, Based on a Light Novel

4. Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

 Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

In this world, two realms exist – the Kingdom of Light floating on an island in the sky and the Kingdom of Darkness residing on the ground below. Both realms must maintain the delicate balance between Light and Darkness. However, the King of Darkness has recently neglected his responsibilities, causing chaos and loss in the village below. A young man, devastated by the tragedy in his village, accepts an offer from a dying knight to journey to the capital and succeed him as the Prince of Darkness. Meanwhile, Queen Iris of the Light realm harnesses the power of the Progenitor Rune to fulfill her part of the balance, even as the King of Darkness’ negligence threatens to undermine her efforts.

Release Year: 2020

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Tags: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Political, Royalty, Violence, Based on a Mobile Game

3. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

 Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Drawn by her beloved book, Elaina sets off to explore the world she has immersed herself in through reading. Like a breeze carrying a leaf, she journeys across various countries, eager to satisfy her curiosity and seek out fresh adventures. Along the way, she encounters the myriad faces of humanity, each unique and intriguing in their own way. Guided by her inquisitiveness and thirst for discovery, she continues to chart her path. What destination lies ahead for Elaina?

Release Year: 2020

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Tags: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Episodic, Magic, Witches, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Based on a Light Novel

2. I Want to Escape from Princess Lessons

I Want to Escape from Princess Lessons

Since the age of seven, Duchess Leticia Dorman has been promised to Crown Prince Clarke. Once a spirited and carefree child, her current strict princess training has drastically altered her lifestyle. Lettie hopes that Clarke will one day find interest in another woman. When she sees the prince with an unfamiliar lady at a royal ball, Lettie excitedly believes that her engagement has been called off. She swiftly retreats to a tranquil rural life. However, her peace is short-lived as Clarke reappears, claiming she is still his betrothed. Clarke is determined to win Lettie’s heart and proceed with the marriage, while Lettie is resolute in her resistance. The battle of wills between them intensifies, leaving the question of who will emerge victorious hanging in the balance.

Release Year:

Episodes: TV

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Arranged Marriage, Royalty, Based on a Light Novel

1. A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

 A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

Sophomore Kurogane Taito had always been an average, everyday individual, with the exception of a pledge he had given to the gorgeous vampire, Saitohimea, nearly a decade ago.

Release Year: 2011

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Curse, Demons, Vampires, Based on a Light Novel


Others are also similar, but these top 10 are the most Similar to Unnamed Memory, also known as Unknown Title.

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