Top 10 Anime Similar to Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji

Hello guys, welcome back to’s Anime Manga World website. In this post, I will present you with the Top 10 anime similar to Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji, also known as 刀剣乱舞 廻 -虚伝 燃ゆる本能寺.

Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji PV

Short Introduction to Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji

Four swordsmen, once followers of the demon king Oda Nobunaga, set out to the Honnō-ji Incident, the scene of Nobunaga’s assassination. Their journey leads them to a crucial decision they must make.

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Release Year: 2024 – ?

Episodes: TV (4+ eps)

Rank: Rank #8,688

Tags: Based on a Play, Historical, Samurai

Here are the Top 10 Anime Similar to Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji

10. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru


In 2205, a sage known as Saniwa possesses the unique ability to breathe life into inanimate objects. As dark forces work to disrupt history, Saniwa and their strongest animations—anthropomorphized historical Japanese swords—stand as the only hope to thwart these malevolent forces.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru centers on Yamatonokami Yasusada, Souji Okita’s treasured uchigatana, as he embarks on his first day at the Saniwa’s citadel. Reunited with his old friend, Kashuu KIyomitsu, the two become entwined in the daily escapades of their fellow sword warriors. They enjoy lively activities such as impromptu snowball fights and introducing their newest comrades to the citadel. Still, when duty calls, the swords stand ready to fulfill their critical mission of safeguarding history.

Release Year: 2016

Episodes: TV (12 ep)

Tags: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

9. Rusted Armors

 Rusted Armors

The Muromachi Shogunate’s power is waning as a prolonged conflict plunges the nation into the chaotic era known as the Warring States Period, where bloodshed begets more bloodshed. Deep in the uncharted forests of Kinokuni, the Saika Ikki mercenaries, wielding guns and brandishing the Yatagarasu banner, stand ready for battle under the command of their leader, a foreigner named Magoichi. Meanwhile, a man named Saburou fights valiantly to defend Hinomoto from European encroachment. The destinies of these two individuals will collide as they confront the invading forces with their swords drawn.

Release Year: 2022

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Tags: Action, Based on a Play, Feudal Japan, Historical, War, CG Animation



In the year 1923, vampires have been a long-standing presence, but there is a noticeable rise in their numbers and the emergence of a mysterious artificial blood supply known as Ascra. Responding to this threat, the Japanese government establishes “Code Zero,” a specialized army unit led by Lieutenant General Nakajima. This unit, traditionally involved in information warfare, is now dedicated to combating the growing vampire population. Utilizing vampires to track their own kind, Code Zero, along with the elite S-class vampire Deffrot, embarks on a mission to investigate the surge in vampire activity and prevent societal collapse.

Release Year: 2021

Episodes: TV (13 eps)

Tags: Action, Sci-Fi, Based on a Play, Historical, Supernatural, Vampires, Violence

7. Tokugawa Iemitsu to Edo Bakufu

Tokugawa Iemitsu to Edo Bakufu

An educational film concerning Tokugawa Iemitsu, the grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who established the Tokugawa shogunate and concluded the Sengoku era with his triumph. Iemitsu is primarily recognized for his xenophobic tendencies and his attempt to isolate Japan from the rest of the world, a policy known as Sakoku. This policy virtually cut off Japan from outside influences for around 200 years, contributing to internal strife and civil conflict during the Meiji era when Japan reopened its borders and discovered it was significantly behind the rest of the world economically, politically, industrially, scientifically, and culturally.

Release Year: 2004

Episodes: OVA (1 ep)

Tags: Feudal Japan, Historical, Samurai

6. Delico’s Nursery



The overarching plot of “noblesse oblige childcare struggles by vampire aristocrats” seems to center on Dali Delico, a member of the prestigious Delico family and a prominent figure on the Blood Pact Council, the supreme vampire governing body. Dali unexpectedly refuses when tasked with a mission, leaving fellow council members Gerhard, Dino, and Henrique to persuade him. However, they find Dali caring for a young child himself, leading to a pivotal and mysterious series of events intertwining with past connections and the shadowy organization Pendulum.

The narrative seems to revolve around an intriguing clash of values, as it delves into the question of whether Dali and his counterparts can successfully balance the magnificent Gothic world with the seemingly incongruous role of conscientious child-rearing.

Release Year: 2024

Episodes: TV

Tags: Fantasy, Based on a Play, Vampires

5. Benkei and Ushiwakamaru

 Benkei and Ushiwakamaru

This tale recounts the remarkable tale of Benkei, who crossed paths with his adversary Yoshitsune during their youth, when Yoshitsune was known as ‘Ushiwaka’. Over time, Benkei became Yoshitsune’s devoted protector and lifelong comrade.

Release Year: 1999

Episodes: Movie (1 ep)

Tags: 12th Century, Historical, Samurai, Shorts

4. Hakuouki OVA

 Hakuouki OVA

Two short original video animations (OVAs) of Hakuouki were distributed to those who purchased all six volumes of the DVD. The animated content includes a fan disc game, “Hakuoki Zuisouroku,” and an official parody titled “Hakuoki SSL,” which offers a high school-themed take on the original material.

Release Year: 2021

Episodes: OVA (3 eps)

Tags: Historical, Samurai, Based on an Otome Game, Based on a Visual Novel

3. Ao no Doumon

 Ao no Doumon

Legend has it that before the tunnel (Ao no Doumon) was constructed, people had to scale the cliffs in order to reach an important local shrine. This route was perilous, and many individuals tragically perished by falling. According to the story, during the Edo period, a Buddhist monk named Zenkai, who had been murdered in a past life, made it his mission to construct a safe passage for worshippers in an effort to atone for his past transgression. At age 49, he devoted 30 years of his life to excavating the 185-meter tunnel by hand, using only a hammer and chisel.

Release Year: 1999

Episodes: Other (1 ep)

Tags: Buddhism, Historical, Samurai, Shorts

2. Oedo wa Nemurenai!

 Oedo wa Nemurenai!


The story is set in the early 18th century during the Kyouhou era, when merchant culture was flourishing. In the bustling Yoshiwara, the red light district of Edo resides a renowned courtesan named Usugumo. She is the daughter of a Christianized prostitute and Tokugawa Yoshimune, the 8th Shogun of Japan, but the power struggle during this period denies her the ability to be with her father. Her life takes a turn when she encounters a blond-haired thief named Kikunosuke. Alongside Kikunosuke, a doctor named Aoto Touichirou, who practices Western medicine, and her pet cat, Kotetsu, Usugumo, form a group of thieves known as Kikugumi.

Amidst these developments, a member of a mysterious group emerges, with intentions directed towards Usugumo, adding an element of intrigue and danger to their story.

Release Year: 1993

Episodes: OVA (1 ep)

Tags: Historical, Samurai, Shorts, Based on a Manga

1. Kangetsu Ittou: Akuryou Kiri

 Kangetsu Ittou: Akuryou Kiri

No summary was provided.

Release Year: 1989

Episodes: OVA (2 eps)

Tags: Action, Feudal Japan, Historical, Samurai, Based on a Novel


Others are also similar, but these top 10 are the most Similar to Touken Ranbu: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji, also known as 刀剣乱舞 廻 -虚伝 燃ゆる本能寺.

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