Top 10 Anime Similar to Highspeed Etoile

Hello guys, welcome back to’s Anime Manga World website. In this post, I will present you with the Top 10 anime similar to Highspeed Etoile, also known as ハイスピードエトワール.

Top 10 Anime Similar to Highspeed Etoile

Short Introduction to Highspeed Etoile

In the foreseeable future, the announcement of a groundbreaking racing competition, NEX Race, will revolutionize the realm of racing, introducing new technology that ensures safe races at speeds exceeding 500 km/h and fundamentally altering global racing. Rin Rindou, who had abandoned her aspirations of becoming a ballet dancer due to an injury, transitioned into a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and presently resides with her grandmother. Unexpectedly, she finds herself thrust into the world of next-generation racing one day.

Episodes: TV (12 eps)

Rank: #12676

Tags: Sports, Cars, Racing

10. Cyber Formula Double-One

 Cyber Formula Double-One

Hayato Kazami, the victor of the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix, must now confront fresh obstacles in the 11th competition. Despite having his Asurada by his side, Hayato finds himself up against rival racers with upgraded cyber machines boasting greater speed and strength. Nevertheless, Hayato remains competitive. However, an unexpected turn of events occurs when Schumacher resurfaces and issues a challenge to Hayato and the other drivers. To emerge victorious in the 11th Cyber Formula Grand Prix, does Hayato possess the skills to overcome Schumacher’s new Super Asurada?

Release Year: 1992 – 1993

Episodes: OVA (6 eps)

Tags: Sports, Cars, Racing, Original Work

9. Circuit no Ookami II: Modena no Ken

Follow the escapades of Ken Ferrari, a former racer and motor journalist known for his fondness for women, in this series inspired by the manga created by Satoshi Ikezawa.

Release Year: 1990

Episodes: OVA (1 ep)

Tags: Sports, Cars, Racing

8. Goddamn


Gen Todoroki, a gifted yet accident-prone rally driver, is presented with a sponsorship offer by a prominent car company, providing him with a shot at competing in the challenging Safari Rally Kenya championship. However, the path to this opportunity is filled with obstacles and fierce competition from seasoned rivals.

Release Year: 1990

Episodes: OVA (2 eps)

Tags: Sports, Cars, Racing

7. Machine Hayabusa

 Machine Hayabusa

The auto racing world is under the control of the shady organization known as the Black Shadows, employing unethical tactics in their ferocious races. In response, the Saionji racing team, led by Dr. Saionji and consisting of five young men and a girl, valiantly resists to restore the spirit of clean and fair racing, contrasting the Black Shadows’ pursuit of profit through perilous races. The Saionji team endures rigorous training to confront the malevolent organization and ultimately takes on the nefarious group using a high-performance machine, the FALCON, developed by Dr. Saionji.

Release Year: 1976

Episodes: TV (21 eps)

Tags: Shounen, Sports, Cars, Racing, Original Work

6. Gekisou! Rubenkaiser

 Gekisou! Rubenkaiser

A race car driver competes globally using a car left to him by his father.

Release Year: 1977 – 1978

Episodes: TV (17 eps)

Tags: Action, Sports, Cars, Racing, Original Work

5. Future GPX Cyber Formula

 Future GPX Cyber Formula

In the new century, technologically advanced race cars equipped with complex computer systems are referred to as Cyber Formula. Hayato Kazami finds himself at the center of a high-stakes situation when an unknown organization attempts to steal the new machine, Asurada, that he is delivering to Team Sugo. By chance, Hayato ends up piloting Asurada to safety, but now, no one else is able to drive it. With Asurada by his side, Hayato must overcome the challenge of becoming the youngest driver in the Grand Prix, all while striving to fulfill Team Sugo’s aspirations. As he pursues victory in the Grand Prix, he will also strive to unravel the true intentions of the enigmatic organization seeking to seize control of Asurada.

Release Year: 1991

Episodes: TV (37 eps)

Tags: Sci-Fi, Sports, Cars, Racing, Original Work

4. Scan2Go



In the not-so-distant future, as humanity establishes communication with planets beyond our galaxy, Scan2Go becomes a major sensation across outer space. Enormous races take place in every region, where each racer vies for the coveted title of the universe’s top racer.

The series’ protagonist, Kazuya, wields the power of the eagle, demonstrating impressive prowess with his fiery innate abilities commanding his falconine beast spirit. Although he competes in the “Pro-Racer Exhibition Race” tournament, Kazuya finds himself outmatched by the teams that have triumphed in the fiercely competitive Space Preliminaries.

Recognizing the formidable challenges that lie ahead, Kazuya and his companions leave their humble Earth origins behind, embarking on a galaxy-spanning journey to sharpen their skills as warriors!

Release Year: 2010 – 2011

Episodes: TV (52 eps)

Tags: Sports, Cars, Racing, Tournaments

3. Arrow Emblem: Grand Prix no Taka

 Arrow Emblem: Grand Prix no Taka

Takaya Todoroki is an ambitious rookie racecar driver aiming to achieve great success in his career. After losing his father, an accomplished American military officer and skilled fighter pilot, Takaya is determined to fulfill his dream of ultimately racing and triumphing in a Formula One car. However, during his initial race, Takaya suffers a devastating crash, leaving him disheartened and despondent. In a surprising turn of events, he is approached by a mysterious masked individual who offers him a second chance to showcase his skills: Takaya is given the opportunity to join an elite team of racers and even test-drive a prototype vehicle. As he embarks on this new chapter, the ultimate question arises: does Takaya possess the qualities necessary to rise to the top of the racing world?

Release Year: 1977 – 1978

Episodes: TV (44 eps)

Tags: Action, Sports, Cars, Racing, Tournaments, Original Work

2. Power Racer: Part II

 Power Racer: Part II

The second part of Power Racer.

Release Year: 2021 – 2022

Episodes: Web (20 eps)

Tags: Action, Sports, Cars, Chinese Animation, Racing, CG Animation, Original Work

1. Power Racer

 Power Racer

This is a tale of personal development, camaraderie, and fervor. By persistently refining his racing abilities and gaining insight into the essence of racing, the significance of life, and the value of friendship, Higashino Ji, a racing enthusiast lacking ambition, gradually evolves into a dependable ally and community member. Simultaneously, he undergoes a transformation, emerging as an influential and formidable racer.

Release Year: 2020 – 2021

Episodes: Web (20 eps)

Tags: Action, Sports, Cars, Chinese Animation, Racing, CG Animation, Original Work

Others are also similar, but these ten are far more Similar to Highspeed Etoile.

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