10 Best Manga Similar To Berserk

Hey guys, welcome back to the Anime Manga Website. In this post, I will present you the 10 Best Manga Similar To Berserk.

Berserk manga short intro:

Berserk manga

Guts, born under the shadow of the gallows tree where his mother perished, has lived a life marked by the brink of death. Surviving a harsh childhood, he grows into a formidable warrior, finding purpose in battle. His life turns when he encounters Griffith, the charismatic and ambitious leader of the Band of the Hawk mercenaries. After losing a duel to Griffith, Guts reluctantly joins the Band, unexpectedly finding camaraderie and a sense of belonging. However, as Griffith’s thirst for victory intensifies, a darker aspect of his character emerges amidst the chaos of war and deceitful politics. This journey, initially a quest for conquest, soon spirals into a desperate fight for humanity and survival. Guts, a warrior grappling with his own inner demons, must now protect those dear to him, confronting the darkness that has shadowed him since birth.

Release Year: 1989

Chapters out: 389+

Tags: Action, Fantasy, Seinen, Dark Fantasy, Demons, Hiatus, Medieval, Overpowered Main Characters, Revenge, Swordplay, Adapted to Anime

Here are the 10 Best Manga Similar To Berserk

10. Claymore


In a realm plagued by yoma, sinister creatures that feast on human flesh and mimic the forms and memories of their prey, humans live in constant fear, akin to livestock awaiting their doom. Their sole line of defense is The Organization, commanded by an enigmatic council of men. This group deploys their exclusively female warriors, known as claymores, to combat the Yoma threat. However, The Organization’s aid comes at a steep price, often out of reach for many towns. Moreover, the claymores often show little empathy for those they are sworn to protect. Among these warriors is Clare, the lowest-ranked claymore, who is driven not by duty but by a personal vendetta to avenge her mentor.

Release Year: 2001 – 2014

Chapters out: 155

Tags: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen, Dark Fantasy, Medieval, Monsters, Non-Human Protagonists, Swordplay, Explicit Violence, Nudity, Adapted to Anime

9. Übel Blatt

Übel Blatt manga

Köinzell, a masterful swordsman, was part of a group sent by the Szaalenden Empire to fend off an enemy invasion. The common tale is that among the heroes, three perished, four betrayed, and the remaining seven emerged as victorious heroes. However, the truth is starkly different; the celebrated ‘Seven Heroes’ were traitors who defeated the four genuine champions. After two decades, Köinzell, having narrowly survived and honed his skills, seeks revenge for his fallen comrades. In his quest for justice, he faces immense challenges, as he must confront a nation misled by the traitors’ lies and rally a group of unlikely allies. Their fight against the entire empire will demand great sacrifices.

Release Year: 2004 – 2019

Chapters out: 170

Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Seinen, Dark Fantasy, Medieval, Revenge, Swordplay, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse

8. Vagabond

Vagabond manga


Vagabond, also known as Avare, Lãng Khách, Бродяга, المتشرد is a manga written by INOUE Takehiko, and YOSHIKAWA Eiji.

After their defeat at Sekigahara, Takezo Shinmen, and Matahachi Hon’iden are left disillusioned, failing to gain the glory they sought in battle. While Matahachi wishes to return home, Takezo wanders as a vagabond, honing his swordsmanship skills. His brutal approach quickly turns him into a notorious fugitive. However, his capture and subsequent encounter with Monk Takuan lead to a transformation, and he adopts the name Musashi Miyamoto. Embracing a new perspective on life and death, Musashi journeys across the nation, challenging formidable fighters, aiming to become the greatest samurai.

Release Year: 1998 – 2015

Chapters out: 327

Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Seinen, 17th Century, Feudal Japan, Hiatus, Historical, Samurai, Swordplay, Explicit Violence

7. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita manga


Battle Angel Alita, also known as Gunnm, Battle Angel GUNNM, Ganmu, Gun Dream, and Tsutsu Yume, is a manga written by KISHIRO Yukito.

In a post-apocalyptic world where humans, robots, and cyborgs coexist, the Scrapyard serves as a graveyard of debris from the city of Zalem above. Here, Ido, an inventor, discovers a damaged cyborg in the trash, rebuilds her, and names her Gally. With no recollection of her past but a natural talent for the martial art Panzer Kunst, Gally navigates this rugged world, seeking to uncover her origins and the secrets of Zalem.

Release Year: 1990 – 1995

Chapters out: 52

Tags: Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Hand to Hand Combat, Robots, Tournaments, Explicit Violence, Adapted to Anime

6. Shin Angyo Onshi

Shin Angyo Onshi manga


Munsu, a wandering Angyo Onshi and former arbiter for the now-collapsed country of Jushin, dedicates himself to combating evil. In a land rife with chaos, he confronts arms dealers, smugglers, tyrants, and necromancers. With Chun Hyang, a skilled female warrior, and his ability to summon a spectral army, Munsu aids those seeking to better their lives, delivering justice against the world’s malevolence.

Release Year: 2001 – 2007

Chapters out: 76

Tags: Action, Fantasy, Seinen, Magic, Monsters, Revenge, War, Explicit Sex, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Violence.

5. Rebirth

Rebirth manga


Three centuries ago, Deshwitat Lived Rudbich, a vampire and Dark Magician, was trapped in limbo by his adversary, the Light Magician Kalutika. Now resurrected in modern times, Deshwitat is determined to defeat Kalutika. Alongside a group of spiritual warriors, he embarks on a quest to master Light Magic, the very power his enemy wields, to fulfill his vow of vengeance.

Release Year: 1998

Chapters out: 107

Tags: Action, Fantasy, Manhwa, Magic, Revenge, Supernatural, Vampires

4. Kingdom

Kingdom manga


Countless years had elapsed since the era of myths when the realms of humans and deities were indistinguishable. During these ancient times, human desires were the world’s driving force. This backdrop sets the stage for the ‘500 Year War’—a tumultuous period of continuous conflict known as the Warring States era. “Kingdom” narrates the tale of Shin, a young boy who rises through the ranks to become a celebrated general, facing numerous challenges and experiencing extensive bloodshed along his journey.

Release Year: 2006 – ?

Chapters out: 779+

Tags: Action, Seinen, Ancient China, Historical, Orphans, Political, Rebellions, Royalty, War, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Content, Adapted to Anime

3. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer manga


A novice priestess embarks on her initial journey with an adventuring group, only to quickly face horrifying dangers. She is saved by a mysterious fighter known as Goblin Slayer, who is on a relentless quest to eradicate goblins using any method available. As word of Goblin Slayer’s impressive accomplishments spreads, it’s uncertain who might seek him out next.

Release Year: 2016 – ?

Chapters out: 85+

Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Seinen, Dark Fantasy, Guilds, Magic, Medieval, Monsters, Revenge, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Adapted to Anime, Based on a Light Novel

2. Devilman

Devilman manga


Legions of demons, long believed to be confined to the underworld, have resurfaced on Earth, bringing evil and corruption in their wake as they possess human bodies. Humanity’s last chance for salvation lies in harnessing the demons’ own powers against them. Fudo Akira, a man of pure heart, emerges as the key to this strategy. Once a timid individual, Akira has transformed, now possessing the fearsome power of a devil while maintaining the gentle soul of a human – he becomes the legendary Devilman!

Release Year: 1972 – 1973

Chapters out: 53

Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Shounen, Demons, School Life, Supernatural, Superpowers, Violence, Adapted to Anime

1. Wolf Guy – Ookami no Monshou

Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou manga


Akira Inugami, a seemingly frail teenager, harbors a secret: he’s a werewolf endowed with exceptional senses, innate combat skills, swift reflexes, and remarkable resilience. His mysterious nature has caused trouble in the past, leading to his expulsion from previous schools. Seeking solitude, Akira enrolls at Hakutoku Academy, but his first day there is anything but peaceful. He immediately attracts the attention of the school’s notorious delinquent gang, headed by the intimidating Haguro. Additionally, his homeroom teacher, Aoshika, shows a deep interest in him, disrupting his wish for a quiet life. With adversaries at every corner and his protective instincts for Aoshika kicking in, Akira’s longing for a peaceful, solitary existence seems increasingly unattainable.

Release Year: 2007 – 2012

Chapters out: 117

Tags: Action, Drama, Seinen, Animal Transformation, Delinquents, Hand to Hand Combat, Interspecies Relationship, Non-Human Protagonists, Supernatural, Werewolves, Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse

Final thoughts

I recommend you read Goblin Slayer manga and watch the anime version. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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